Aslan Ross Consulting

Government Relations Based on Concise Analysis + Clear Strategy = Success

Every day thousands of government public policies and regulations define, for better or worse how we conduct ourselves socially and economically.

The environment surrounding public policy development, implementation and regulation has become increasingly complex over the years and if a company or a not-for profit organization is going to succeed within this context, understanding how to interact with government is a necessity.

What we offer is that we understand this process because we've been there and continue to regularly work with the government. We are not about just opening doors in Ottawa and organizing meetings with officials. Our strength is that we know substantive progress is made by offering concrete public policy solutions that help you achieve your goals and assist the government in fulfilling its mandate. It's about knowing and working with the contributors and decision makers, having a clear understanding of the public policy process and understanding which issues are under discussion.

It all comes down to a straightforward formula: Concise Analysis + Clear Strategy = Success

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Aslan Ross Consulting is about providing advice and helping you develop a strategic framework to interact with the government so your ideas, concerns and observations are heard, understood and acted upon.

Our services include:

  • Government Relations
  • Public Policy Research and Analysis
  • Analysis of Government Regulations
  • Communication Products
We are always pleased to discuss our approach and experience. Please contact us so we can get to understand you, your requirements and your organization's needs.