Aslan Ross Consulting is about providing advice and helping you develop a strategic framework to interact with the government so your ideas, concerns and observations are heard, understood and acted upon.

Government Relations

The government wants and needs to hear from and understand your views. We can help you maximize your contribution by:

  • explaining the government's agenda and key players as related to your issue – this includes both politicians and the civil service;
  • identifying and meeting with those allies in government who can assist with your objectives and work with those who may have reservations; and
  • providing the required analytic and communication tools to clearly and concisely get your message across to those who need to hear it.

Our approach is to work with you and deliver the outcomes required by setting key milestones and targets. We will be honest and straightforward and explain if we think something won't work – BUT – we will always provide an alternative solution.

Public Policy Research and Analysis

Do you need to understand the government's position on a given issue? Do you want to actively contribute your ideas to improve an existing policy? Or do you want the government to consider a brand new policy (or policies) that will assist you in meeting your goals? While it might appear that governments develop and implement policy in a black box Aslan Ross can demystify this environment and explain each significant step of the policy process as it applies to your organization's needs. We can explain the current environment and the government's thinking behind an initiative, provide you with a robust analysis, and aid you on how best to get your ideas heard so that you are part of the entire policy process.

Analysis of Government Regulations

Government regulations can seem intimating and daunting – as much as they are put in place to aid society, if interpreted incorrectly they can damage an organization's bottom line. We can help you understand them, make sense of the various rules and show you how to apply them in a consistent manner so your business thrives. In addition, we can provide advice regarding any new regulations the government may have under development. We can work with you and the government so that your ideas, concerns and observations are integral throughout the various stages of crafting a new set of regulations.

Communication Products

Being able to communicate your ideas and views in a manner that understands the audience and impresses upon them the significance of your message is a constant challenge. Aslan Ross can help you prepare consistent messaging, speeches and presentations that are clear and concise and ensure people take notice. We have successfully prepared Ministers for Cabinet Meetings, organizations as they appeared before Standing Committees, and many various speeches for senior officials at specific events.

We are always pleased to discuss our approach and experience. Please contact us so we can get to understand you, your requirement's and your organization's needs.

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It all comes down to a straightforward formula: Concise Analysis + Clear Strategy = Success